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Master the Art of Business Pitches: Elevate Your Skills

Create More Influence, Impact and Revenue

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See exactly how your
presentation is 
working or NOT working
Increase confidence
in high pressure situations
Learn the art of
ethical persuasion
Improve your
conversion rates
Elevate your game...

We'll show you proven strategies for connecting better, becoming more memorable, and creating more action and RESULTS from those you speak to. 
During this hands-on intensive, 
you will learn a new skill...


Finish with New & Noticeable Skills
More Practice
Less Lecture
REcord and Refine
See the change
Better Connect
with your audience
You'll Learn:
  • Craft Compelling Narratives:
    Learn how to create engaging stories that resonate with your audience, making your sales pitch memorable and impactful.
  • Effective Persuasion Techniques:
    Master the art of persuasion to influence decision-makers, using proven psychological principles and persuasive communication strategies.
  • Confident Pitching:
    Gain confidence in public speaking, learning to deliver presentations with poise and authority, even under pressure.
  • ​Engage High-Value Clients:
    Learn tailored approaches to connect with and engage high-value clients, fostering trust and interest in your offerings.
  • ​Post-Pitch Strategies:
    Learn strategies for effective follow-up after presentations to maintain engagement and lead the client smoothly towards a final decision.
Who this is for:
  • Business Leaders and Executives: Tailored for top-level executives and leaders who frequently engage in high-stakes presentations and negotiations.
  • Those leading Road Shows or Product / Business Pitches: Great for leaders responsible for pitches to stakeholders or investment banks
  • Sales Professionals and Managers: Ideal for those who are directly involved in sales and are looking to enhance their presentation skills to close more deals.
Know exactly what to do...

Know exactly what to say.

Have the confidence to 
pull it off.
The Curriculum
  • Module One 
    Your Communication / Confidence Tool Kit
  •     Learn how to look more relaxed and comfortable
  •     Master body language and voice techniques
  •     Learn how to “work the room” (Virtually or in-person)
  •     Learn how to help your “audience” to better understand
  •         what you are trying to get across
  • Module Two
    Creating Memorable Ideas & Messages
  •     Learn to make your messages more memorable
  •     Pitch to the decision-making part of the brain
  •     Learn to use PowerPoint and other peripherals to enhance your
  •     messages and not dull them down
  •     Learn how your audience receives and retains your messages

  • Module Three
    Getting Others to ACT On What You Say
  •    Memory devices and techniques discussed and practiced
  •    Learn how to use stories to captivate your audience
  •    Use story elements for audience memory retention
  •    Learn effective use of examples to bring presentations to life
  •    Strategies for dramatically reducing your prep-time

  • Module Four
    Hidden Strategies and Tactics for “Selling” Ideas
  •     When to use notes and when not to 
  •     Authentic Persuasion
  •     Convey sincerity
  •     Strategies for seed planting and moving prospects to the next step

Jess Todtfeld
President, Senior Trainer
Results First Training

Your Instructor:
  • With 20+ years of experience, Jess Todtfeld has helped CEOs, business executives, spokespersons, and experts, to become more confident and effective in their sales presentation abilities.
  • Global Training Expertise: Trained individuals at various levels, including CEOs, U.N. leaders, and international experts. 
  • Clients on 6 continents
  • ​Holds CSP Designation: Certified Speaking Professional. Less than 1% of professional speakers worldwide hold this designation.
  • Author of 4 Books on Business Communication
  • Guinness Record in a Speaking Category


  • Live In-Person (Public or Private Workshop)
  • Live, Virtual
  • ​On-Demand Course

Available On-Demand Virtual or Live

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